Catherine Keraly


C.Keraly’s art comes from a long line of work with classic teaching of proportions to avant garde light shows followed by studies in the U.K. at the time art schools worked with crafts and design. The artist went on to minimalise her work and come back to painting as her experience lead her to a more spiritual/mystical use of perspective in geometric forms and where the raw pigment expresses the intuitive and the unconscious energy of the Chi.

Ceramic sculpture parallels painting ,and form engages the unconscious in three dimensional creations which builds architectural shapes on canvas and abstract objects in clay..

The observer has a choice of focus and interpretation.



Assistant art director “Open Light” light show in Paris, France
Touring with music festivals and Circus “Open Circus” with John Cage playing with suspended piano and circus artists performing on live music. 

Mural artist, Architectural artist
Working with architect in U.K.

Creating screens and stained glass windows for private commissions, designing and making sets for private businesses for shows.

Gallery director of XO Gallery in the Brompton Cross ,London.
XO Gallery was a showpiece for newly graduated abstract artists of the U.K. 
XO Gallery use of a whole block of large empty shops in Olympia for Installations and Performances.
XO Gallery in L’Escargot restaurant in Soho.

painted a column for Quaglino’s restaurant in St James’s

studio work in west London for private commissions and exhibitions around the U.K.


Academie de la Grande Chaumiere

Hammersmith school of Art and Building

Chelsea school of Art


Oil paintings, collages, drawings, murals

Ceramic sculptures and vessels

Art jewellery


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